Friday, June 03, 2005

To Cardinal Sterzinsky (John C. Wall)


Dear Georg Kardinal Sterzinsky,

It has sadly come to my notice, through my German/Hungarian friends, that it is your intention to close down ALL SAINTS CHURCH with its very vibrant English Speaking Community in Hüttenweg, in Berlin.
This has come as a very severe blow to their congregation and also to me, as I am sure that you must know that the members of the church have worked so hard to make themselves financially independent as well as funding the Diocese. They have also extended their love of the Lord Jesus Christ to help those that in many ways are in need of loving help.
As I speak no German I have had, over the years, always received a very warm welcome at ALL SAINTS and I hope that in my small way have helped to foster the Church’s presence in Hüttenweg.
May I respectfully suggest, Kardinal Sterzinsky, that you have no “GOD GIVEN RIGHT” to close down ALL SAINTS CHURCH which, over many years, has been serving the local community in such an excellent manner in promoting the Gospel of our LORD JESUS CHRIST in HÜTTENWEG.
My prayer is that Almighty God will give you grace to reconsider your “options” in your Diocese and not close what is GOD’S House in HÜTTENWEG.
May I look forward to your reply, that with GOD’S grace, you will be able to revise your plans and keep ALL SAINTS open.

Yours in Fellowship with our Lord

John C. Wall
285 Greene Lane
Coventry CV3 6EH
United Kingdom
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