Tuesday, May 24, 2005

To Cardinal Sterzinsky (Aicel Soler-Ortiz)

Dear Cardinal Sterzinsky,

I recently heard that the church All Saints Catholic Community in which my religious foundation began was going to be closed soon. I was deeply affected to hear this disturbing news. I was part of the congregations when my father was stationed there in Berlin in 1984 until 1990. This is the same place that I was in Sunday school, did my first communion, was an altarserver, and went on a number of retreats. Not to mention the fact that I met wonderful people that I could cement a connection with through our faith and which I am in contact with to this day.
As an Army brat having to move around it is where I most remember being part of a true community. I look back on those times as the moment in which I established who I would become spiritually and as a person. Those moments help me to grow from child, to adolescent and now into adult. I am a 24-year old Puerto Rican woman who is now married and I had hoped that I would be able to share this experience with my husband and future family by visiting the church, which would impossible if it were to be closed down. I desperately ask that you reconsider the closing for All Saints Catholic Community church. It would be a great loss for me personally and for the current members to which I consider myself still to be a part of .

Aicel Soler-Ortiz

P.S. A copy of this letter will be sent to former members and friends of our now worldwide existing community.

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